We started to roll on 1989 in Trichur with tyres giving precise advice and precise service to cater to all needs of commercial and personal means of transports ranging from Mopeds to Trucks OTR and modified classes of Bikes. Our learned experience of vehicles tyre needs and humane relations have made us serve you better and your vehicles to keep pace with these new times.
The year 2006 we moved on to serve your vehicles tyre & service life in quality at our new and better spacious surroundings. Our learning’s into the tie up with vehicle suspensions relation to tires  presence on the beaten roads geared us to practice precise alignment of cars, prior check-ups related to the suspension sets, findings on repair jobs, steering related issues, chassis, drive  difficulties. Now this leads us to make you understand your car better and thus getting the best out of your car from our experience.
In 2013 we see much more to improve your cars performance based on our expertise of real time experiences. We have taken care of time and the value and continue to see you move ahead in these times to come.
X1/819/2, V.P Tower,
Ring Road, R.S. (P.O),
Near Pattalam Market
Thrissur 680021.
Ph: 0487-2428652
Mob: 9074055702, 9526699177
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